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My name is Julie and I was born and raised on the beautiful east coast of Canada - in PEI. While I love where I'm from, I was ready for a little adventure and moved to Ottawa to attended college, studying photography and meeting some of the most incredible new friends. With four amazing years in the capital, I made the wee jump to the Toronto area and thought that's where I would stay - and I did for many years.

After traveling to the west coast for a variety of photo work, capturing a music festival and pro golf, I heard the mountains calling back and decided to pack & drive across the country, moving to Vancouver, B.C. where I now reside with my cat, Miles Davis. 

A lover of the ocean, nature, animals, gingers, sports, hugs, giggles and of course, photography... 

Most definitely listened to Footloose and took a dance break while editing your photos.

Tell me your story! Would love to help capture your special moments and more than happy to travel near and far to do so!